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Glass Rinser

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Washing dishes is the worst household job for everyone. It's a terrifying feeling when you have to do something but you need to, but if you don't -  your kids will eat from dirty plates and drink juices from greasy glasses. You just hate to see what your hands look like after dishwashing. Every single time you have to use hands cream to get rid of cracked skin.

Now, you can make this job super entertaining and save so much water, soap and your hands. The Glass Rinser will allow you to clean everything you have dirt on the table with just one slight pressure. It takes 5 seconds to completely clean the glass. On average, it will take you 5 minutes to fully clean all your dishes. 5 minutes. More time to play with your kids instead of saying „Wait until…“ It will not make a swimming pool from the kitchen since it has 10 super-concentrated nozzles which will hit every angle and tight corner of your art glass. Classic glasses are too easy for him. And yeah, water will not spill out of it when you don't use it. An unnecessary water drain will not occur on the nozzles.


Go play with your kids, you're not born to waste time on washing: By using our instant cleaner, you'll forget the times when you had to pour soap, scrub and wash off every single glass and all by your hands. After that, cleaning hands, using hand cream to save your skin so it doesn't look like you played with glue and all this OVER AND OVER. Look how many things you have to do – just to clean your dishes. Save your time starting today!

You cannot start a fire with bare hands, but you can install Glass Rinser:
 You can install it without using a single tool. Assembling takes less than one minute. Connect it to hose (hot or cold water), tighten 3 simple screws gently and your system of lightning-fast cleaning is up!
You always wanted to have one more hand to complete everything: Dishwashing isn't always just dishwashing. You need multiple tasks to complete – but you don't have enough hands to cover everything. From today, you can clean and wash off everything in your kitchen with one hand. GlassRinser does multiple jobs for you and, as an extra – these jobs take less time than ever to be completed!


Hey, you ask us how to use something more simple than counting to 10? Get the glass, set it on the rinser nozzles and press! Thank us later.
But if you ask us how to install it – the explanation is 10 seconds long. Look at this: With its tough production material –will survive dishes even falling on it. So in case, your hands are slippy and you hold glass or plate in your hand. Don't worry, it's too strong to be broken.
You don't have to buy anything to install – it goes with our package. So, receiving the package and rinsing the first glass will take 3 minutes. If you do it slowly.


Dimension: ‎4.92 x 2.67 x 0.98 inches
Colour: Brushed Nickel
Material: Stainless Steel
Installation Method: Single Hole
Flow Rate: 10 litres/min

Package includes: 1x Glass Rinser

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